Chronological order:-

A 1965           (these four tracks rescued from a disintegrating tape)
CD1 Tracks 2            CD2 Track 2,             CD3 Track 2** (& Bonus CD Tk 1)
Carl Spencer (cornet) Brian Hills (clarinet, alto sax) Bob Kerr (soprano, alto, baritone and cornet**) Stan Hayward (piano) Chris Eady(banjo & voc*) Ian Hills (sousa) Bill Shortt (washboard & perc)

B 1965    CD4 Tracks 2 & 3 as above plus Brian Hills also "hot fountain pen" Track 3, Barry Dunning vocal on both

C 1966 (Mar)         CD1   Track 3            CD 2 Track 3           CD4 Tracks 4* & 5
Carl Spencer (cornet) Brian Hills(clarinet, alto sax) Mac White (clari, alto, bari) Stan Hayward (pno) Chris Eady (banjo) Pete Cooper (sousa) Bill Shortt (wd & perc) Barry Dunning (vocal*)

D 1966 (April?)      CD 3 Track 3
Carl Spencer (cornet) Brian Hills (clari/alto) Mac White (clari/bari) Stan Hayward(pno)
Chris Eady (banjo) Bill Shortt (wb & perc) Bill Oddie (vocal)+ Roger Graham tuba "07

E 1966 (Nov)        CD1 Track 4 & 6*     CD 2 Track 4 **   CD 3 Track 5 Carl Spencer (cornet) Brian Hills (clari/alto) Mac White (clari/alto/bari) Bert Lamb (pno) Chris Eady (banjo) Melt Kingston (sousa) Mick Panter (wb & perc) Jean Hart vocal* with Brian Hills (alto solo), **Melt Kingston sousa solo,

F 1966 (Dec?)        CD2 Track 7 as E but Bert Lamb vocal

G 1967 (Sept)        CD1 Track 5* CD2 Track 6 CD3 Tracks 4 & 6    CD 4 Track 6* Carl Spencer (cornet) Brian Hills (clari/alto) Mac White (clari/alto/bari) Henry Davies (pno Melt Kingston (sousa) Mick Panter (wb & perc) Barry Dunning (vocal*)

H 1967 (Dec)         CD 4 Tracks 7 & 8
Carl Spencer(cornet) Brian Hills (clari/alto) Dave Harding(clari/alto/bari) Dave Glasson
(pno) Ian Hills (sousa) Bill Shortt (wb & perc)

H 1968 (Mar)         CD1 Track 7*& 12"           CD2 Tracks 8 & 10
Carl Spencer (cornet & vocal*) Brian Hills (clari/alto) Dave Harding (clari/alto/bari) Dave Glasson (pno) Bill Shortt (wb & perc), Ian Hills (sousa) C.S. vocal with B & I Hills Glasson & Shortt**

H 1968 (summer) CD2 Track 9 Neville Dickie piano solo

I 1968 (summer)   CD2 Track 17
Ray Wordsworth Tbn solo with Neville Dickie pno, Ray Lewitt (perc) Live recordiing

I 1969 (Oct)            Bonus CD Tracks 18* & 19
Carl Spencer (cornet) Brian Hills (clari/ alto) Cllaus Jacobi (clari/alto/bari)
Paul Godden(Tbn) Henry Davies (pno) Dave Wright (sousa) Ray Lewitt (perc)
Brian Hills plays tenor throughout Track 18*

J 1969 (Jan)   CD1 Tks 7-8-10-11   CD2 Tks 11-16 CD3 Tks 8-11    CD4 Tk 9 Carl Spencer (cornet and vocals) Brian Hills (clari/alto) Malcom Everson (clari/alto/bari) Ray Wordsworth (tbn) Neville Dickie (pno) Charlie Smart (banjo) Ray Lewitt (perc) Dave Wright (sousa)
Charlie Smart banjo solos               CD 1 Track  9 & CD2 Track 18
Jackie Knight vocals on                 CD 1 Track 10 & CD4 Track 9

K 1969 (Jan?)       CD3 Track 12
Neville Dickie piano solo + Dick Smih ? perc.

L 1969 (May)                     CD3 Track 7
Carl Spencer (cornet) Brian Hills (clari/alto) Malcom Everson (clari/alto/bari)
Ray Wordsworth (tbn) Henry Davies (pno) Dave Wright(sousa) Ray Lewitt (perc)

M 1971(Aug)                   CD1 Tk   1**, 14 & 15
Carl Spencer (cornet & vocals) Brian Hills (clari/alto & tenor on) Frank Fennell(clari/alto tenor, bari) + Barry Graham( clari *) Pete Kendal (tbn & **vocal only) Henry Davies (pno) Gus Gander (sousa) Ray Lewitt (perc)

N 1971 (Aug)            CD1 Tk 13   as for M except substitue Don Weller (bass sax) for Gander and Bill Shortt (wb & perc) for Lewitt

   CD2 Tks 1 & 19      as for M except unknown studio banjo added, Tk 19 substitute Shortt for Lewitt.

   CD3 Tk 1         as for M except + unknown strudio banjo
   Tks 13 & 25   as for M except substitute Don Weller (bass sax) for Gander.

   CD4 Tk 1         substitute Don Weller for Gander
   Tk 10              as for M + Barry Graham (clari)
   TK 11         as for M except + unkown studio banjo

O 1988                  CD1 Track   17
   CD3 Track   20 Henry Davies piano solos

P 1994                CD2 Track   20
The Charleston Chasers. Sean Bolan leader(cornet) Ian Hattersley(tpt) Carl Spencer (tpt) Clare Murphy, Nik Payton, Zolton Zagi (reeds) Bob Hunt (tbn) Spats Langham (Banjo) Raina Reid (pno/ arranger) Malcolm Sked (sousa) Debbie Arthursf perc, vocal)

Q 1994                 CD3 Track   15
Spats Langham banjo solo.

R 1997                  CD4 Track  12
Keith Stevens, banjo solo, accompanied by Keith Nichols (piano)

S 1997            CD1 Track 16
Mac White, clarinet solo, accompanied by Keith Nichols (piano)

T 1997               CD2 Track  23
Carl Spencer (cornet) Brian Hills (Clari/Alto), Mac White, (Clari/Sop & Alto), Bob Hunt (tbn)
Keith Nichols (pno) Keith Stephens (banjo) Roger Graham (tuba) Bernie Mandry (perc)

U 1998                 CD2 Track   22       CD2   Tracks 14 & 22*
Mac White (clari & soprano) Colin Goode (pno) Mike Parle (banjo & guitar)* Roqer
Graham (tuba).

V 1998         CD1 Track 22      CD3 Track 16
Martin Litton piano solos

W1998        CD1 Tracks 18 & 19*      CD2 Track 26A**   CD4 Tracks 13 & 14***& 22 Carl Spencer (cornet & voc) Brian Hills (clarinet/alto) Mac White (clari, alto, tenor, bari) Chris Hunt (tbn) Henry Davies (piano) Mike Parle (banjo/guitar) Roger Graham (tuba) Bernie Mandry (perc) Roger Graham & Mike Parle do not play* Mac White does not play, but John Tanner perc.** Brian Hills clarinet solo***

X 1999         CD1 Track 20           CD2 Track 24*                    CD4 Track 18
Mac White (sop sax) Henry Davies (pno) Mike Parle (ban/ gtr) Roger Graham (tuba)
John Tanner (perc) Graham does not play*.
CD3 Tracks 19* 21 **& 26   CD4 Tracks 15 16* & 17"
Carl Spencer(cornet, vocal**) Brian Hills (clari//alto) Mac White (clari.sop.alto.tenor.bari) Henry Davies (pno and cornet*) Mike Parle (ban/gtr) Roger Graham (tuba) Bernie Mandry (perc) Omit Mac White

Y 1999         CD3 Track 17
Mike Parle, banjo feature with Henry Davies (pno) & Roger Graham (tuba)

Z 1999                               CD2 Track 21
Brian Hills, alto feature, with Henry Davies (pno) Mike Parle (banjo) Roger Graham
(tuba) Bernie Mandry(perc)
CD3 Track 18 Brian Hills, clarinet feature with Henry Davies (pno) and Bernie Mandry(perc)

A A 2000      CD4 Track 18
Mac White (soprano sax) Henry Davies (pno) Mike Parle(banjo) Tim Phillips (perc).

AB 2001       CD1 Track 26
Carl Spencer (trumpet) Briian Hills (alto/ clari) Mac White (tenor sax) Chris Hunt (tbn)
Henry Davies (pno) Mike Parle (banjo) Roger Graham(tuba) Tim Phillips (perc)

AC 2006       CD1 Track     CD3 Track 23           CD4 Track 20
Trevor Whiting (clarinet and soprano) Martin Litton (piano)

AD 2006      CD2 Track 25           CD3 Track 24           CD4 Track 19
Martin Litton (piano solos)

AE 2006      CD4 Track 21
Mike Parle banjo feature + Henry Davies(pno) Graham Read (tuba) John Tanner(perc)

Recordings between 1964 and 72 are by SPENCER'S WASHBOARD KINGS. In 1997, after a break of twenty five years, the band was reformed as SPENCER'S NIGHTHAWKS ORCHESTRA.